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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Saturday bargain shop!

I love reading about these on other blogs, so I though I'd do my own :)

Saturday was a good day shopping-wise!

Here are the items I came home with:

Will start with the chocolate...mmmmmm chocolate! This was FREE! Courtesy of Hotel Chocolat and their amazing Facebook competition! (Also courtesy of the lovely girls over at Facebook's Beauty Box Swaps who made me aware of this competition!) I came away from the ridiculously expensive shop with a £26 Easter Egg (For my lovely boyfriend which he claimed, so not on the picture!) A £28 box of Signature chocolates and an Easter Egg Selection, worth £12 - so not bad for free!

Then, the shoes....mmmmmm shoes!!!! I headed into New Look's sale shop in Birmingham and came across these beauties for £13. After another rummage, I found a handbag I was after for £8! Both are still full price in the store so I was chuffed! I'm trying to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe at the moment, so yellow and sky blue will do nicely ;)

Then, No7! One of my favourite brands...

I'll start off by saying I have a lovely best friend who happens to work in Boots, and sssshhhh, uses her discount card for me when I'm with her. I'm not sure of the exact discount amount though.

So firstly, armed with my £5 off voucher, I picked up:
  • No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream for Normal / Oily Skin (£12.95)
  • No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser (£12.00)
  • No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder (£11.00)
  • No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in 'Wheatsheaf' & 'Truffle' (£8.00 each)

The first three items I used as a 3 for 2, and I used a voucher as well, which made the cost just under £20, then with my friend's discount = £16 - bargain!

The BB cream is quite nice, but doesn't provide as much coverage as I would have liked. I'm also still slightly oily only a few hours after applying it. The tinted moisturiser I haven't tried yet, but have heard good reviews about it - hence the purchase. The powder I also haven't tried yet, but generally I 'get on' with No7 products.

I went in later with another voucher, and again after that (Joined another queue!) and purchased the eyeshadows at around £2 each :) They're a beautiful colour; and the 'Wheatsheaf' also doubles up as a cheek highlighter.

So roughly £20 for my No7 haul; add on my shoes and bag = £41....not to forget my free chocolate which should have cost £66!

So not a bad shopping day ;)


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