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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Finally! Got the fake eyelashes on!

The False Eyelash struggle....

Well, I struggle so much with fake eyelashes that I generally go through 1-2 pairs when attempting to put them on, then I just give up! I used to be able to do them fine, but lack of practice has left me with my finger stuck to my eye on more than one occasion!

So, I picked up these little beauties and thought I'd give them a try:

They're not the usual style or thickness that I'd prefer, but to be honest I didn't think I'd get them on anyway! However, the little strings actually do work and hold the lashes in place until they're set! Ta-da!I'd definitely recommend them for people who struggle to get them on and to stick, unless it's just me!?

The brand is: KISS and they do various styles in these lashes, so I'll definitely be investing in some thicker, more glamourous ones for nights out :) Yay!!

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