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Monday, 27 February 2012

New Blogger...

To be irreplacable, you must always be different….
Hi everyone :)

Here’s to my first blog post - always a bit awkward starting things off…So here goes:

I’m Hayley, 25 from Walsall in the West Midlands. I’m a University Support Worker which I love, as it means I get to sit in various lectures, learn a lot (Sometimes!), meet a lot of new people, mentor students and generally act like a student! I’m hoping to progress in this role, complete a Counselling qualification and continue to hopefully make a difference!

I’m a recent University graduate, having gained a First in my Policing and Criminal Investigation degree. Loved it but haven’t had any luck on the jobs front yet. Probably doesn’t help that I never want to be a police officer, hmm…

I used to model, loved that time of my life and glad I achieved as much as I did :) Plus I’ve got some nice pictures to look at and think, ‘God I looked like THAT?!’ I'll quite happily say that I generally look a scruff most days, but I know how to scrub up well ;) The modeling industry changed drastically, and I can honestly say that I wasn't prepared to do what needed to be done anymore, I stuck to my morals and values and ended my career on a high, which was a full page shoot in Loaded!

I live with my boyfriend of three years - Adam, in our lovely house that we’ve just bought :) Everyone who knows me and Ad knows our story, and it is a complicated one! I love him more than anything even though he can do my nut!!! We’re a cat family; with Adam’s cat Squeak, a stray we adopted - ‘Little Brown Cat’ and new addition, ‘Cupcake’ - my gorgeous British Shorthair (& also my Valentine’s present - brownie points for Ad!)
My family and friends are my life & I’d do anything for them! I’m wary of who I trust, and realised that many people aren’t worth my time, but I usually suss these people out pretty quickly ;)

I’m addicted to Beauty Products!! I buy whatever item takes my fancy, and I’m ashamed to admit that I usually believe all the stuff each product ‘claims’ to do! So this blog should include some reviews of my favourite products, and also some ones to be aware of! I’m a beauty box subscriber also (Boudoir Prive/Joliebox) and will review these products as and when I receive the boxes. I love them, as it’s like getting a little surprise every month, and what girl doesn’t like surprises ;)

I’m also a travel addict - I’d love to travel the world and mark off the places I visit on a map! I’ve got some amazing travel memories and will probably share some on here also :) My main fascination is with America, I'd love to take six months to travel around the whole country, so here's to winning the lottery!

Throw in a few general rants, a lot of pictures of my cats, random quotes and I think that’ll be my blog in a nutshell!

Love, H xxx

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