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Monday, 27 February 2012

My New Baby....to add to the others!

Let's get one thing straight....I'm a Cat Lady! Probably end up old with five of them hanging onto my legs but I love the little things! So most the people who know me, know that my kittycat children are a big part of my life...

Already I've got:

Squeak - 17year old man, grumpy, also known as 'Sir Squeak' or 'Sqwark', or 'Sqwonk' - Anything we fancy calling him - daft bat always answers. Adam's cat since he was 8, so he's been around the block a bit! Resembles Basil Brush, both in facial features & the trademark fluffy tail! Attention seeker, fluffball, odd meow, will rip your arm off if you touch his belly, likes to lie in leaves...

Little Brown Cat - or 'Brownie', for when we're too embarrassed to say we named a cat 'Little Brown Cat'. It just fit, ok? Little stray that first appeared with her leg stuck inside her collar...Adam soon warmed to her and bought her inside. She's scared of her own shadow, loves a fuss, and should have been a tortoise...as I'm sure if she could carry her little pet house around on her back and just keep popping her head out every now and again, she would! She once saved me from being eaten by a dragonfly though, so she's a keeper...

Mommy Cat - Another great name that just suited her! Poor little stray that used to live under the outside table at our old house. After worming her way into the garage, she eventually became a full fledged household member. Arch rival of Squeak, and known to bash Brownie around a bit. Went missing when I went back to stay with my mom and dad...I was absolutely heartbroken. So was my Dad! This is where the bond was formed I believe...Luckily, we found her. She ended up staying with Mom & Dad at the 'Retirement Home', fed tuna/other human meat everyday, fed cod liver oil capsules for her fur, and escorted down the garden so she doesn't run off again! I couldn't bear to break up such a relationship.....

& most recently; Cupcake.

This little bundle of gorgeousness was my valentine's present off my 'very in my good books' boyfriend. His reason for getting her for me? As I'd never had my own kitten, I'd always taken in strays and never had my own baby....awww!! She's a lovely grey British Shorthair with that cute, stubby nose and face like its been whacked with a spade. She's simply growing up at the moment & I adore her. She's already a little character who likes to dart around at 100mph, chew my shoes, ensure she wakes Adam up every night when going to the toilet, plays with a stupid pink mouse for hours on end (It doesn't even have a bell or squeaker!) and is currently signing her own death warrant by becoming too fascinated by Squeak's lovely, swishy tail...


  1. Oh bless, they are adorable! Fab blog!


    1. Ah thank you hun! Love yours too, and the adorable Pipkin! x

  2. Love your blog and your cats! :-)
    Cupcake is just gorge! We have recently just had a new addition to our family and our two original cats don't like it! Currently describing it as cat wars! Haha.
    Following. XX

    1. Thanks hun, following you too! Ah we'll have to keep each other updated lol! Cupcake is a little troublemaker and keeps following Squeak at the moment, peeing him off! xx