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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Enhanced or fake beauty?

Bit of a rant but it's something that really annoys me, and seen as it's beauty related, I'm going to post about it!

One thing that really annoys me is the whole concept of  'Fakeness'. Think of the usuals:

Fake Tan
Hair Extensions
Fake Nails
False Eyelashes

....you get the picture! (Just to point out that I'm not really discussing surgery in this post - merely cosmetic, as I have no surgery myself so couldn't comment on this area.)

I have no problem at all with this 'Fakeness' - so let us know my position on this, yet it seems that a lot of girls do. I regularly wear fake tan, make up, but only usually a lot of make up and hair extensions when I go out. Yet in the past it has been enough to obviously 'offend' some people, who felt it fair to comment on how much make up I use, and how obviously 'fake' I am.

Fair enough, we all see someone that really goes to the extreme with the fakeness, but your general girl who uses fake tan, make up and hair extensions? Why so much hatred and abuse towards her? Is she hurting you? Or is she just prettier than you?

If I had £1 for every time I heard someone say, 'Yeah well you should see her without all her make up' or 'Natural beauty is best' - Yes, it is, I'm sure we'd all love to wake up with glossy and styled hair, smooth, radiant skin and lovely fluttery eyelashes wouldn't we? But the fact is, not many of us are that lucky, and we need a little help in the beauty department. Or so we all believe anyway....we're all our own worst critic. 

Even 'natural beauties' will mostly admit to you that it is simply cleverly applied make up to make it look like they are hardly wearing any! I'll openly admit that I don't have the 'natural look' down make up wise! It takes me just as long to make it look like I'm hardly wearing any make up, than it does to apply my full face of going out make up! So to me, what's the point? I'd rather just not wear any, and openly show the world that I am a scruff - and look nothing like my pictures on Facebook :)

Myself, I've had it all, as I used to also be platinum blonde. So the usual 'Barbie doll' comments were often aimed at me, so much that they didn't have an effect anymore. I knew that I didn't cake myself in make up everyday, I often felt that I should as I knew that I looked better with it but I simply couldn't be bothered to be made up everyday. My day-to-day life didn't alter because I wasn't wearing all my make up. In fact, I used to feel more self-conscious if I left the house in daylight wearing a full face of make up, hair extensions and fake tan, but this was due to the fact that I knew I'd receive looks, comments or both, and probably mostly negative. However, whenever certain people saw me, it was usually when I was dressed up to the max on a night out, or in Facebook pictures, which obviously show me at my best. So, in their eyes, that was me 100% of the time - obviously a fake person; inside and out.

So, the people totally against fakeness...what is their problem? What is a girl who wears a lot of make up actually doing to deserve a negative attitude towards her? One thing I will say is that the people directing the abuse aren't usually in a position to do so, without me being blunt!

So does it simply come down to jealousy? Are these girls jealous that they cannot apply make up as well, that they can't be bothered to apply make up as well, or do they genuinely have a hatred for cosmetics and anything 'fake'? If it is the latter, then they really all need to start backing up their arguments a little better. Because no one I've encountered who has slagged me off has been able to provide a good solid stand on why fake tan, make up and hair extensions is really harmful to their life...Fair enough if you think they're a waste of money, but if you really didn't care about it, you'd simply shrug it off and know that you spend your money in better ways. You wouldn't feel the need to slag someone off.

I'm a firm believer in - 'If it makes you feel good, use it.' If you love how you feel wearing fake tan and it gives you confidence, wear it! If you like wearing a lot of make up, use it! If deep down you know that you're hiding behind a mask as you think you're ugly without it, then that's a separate issue altogether.

I believe cosmetics enhance natural beauty, they don't create it. Cosmetics enhance features that are already present. So how someone can say, 'She's ugly without all that make up' really makes no sense at all. Maybe people who don't care for make up automatically assume that they won't like those that do, that they'll have nothing in common with them, that they're obviously not interested in anything other than their appearance...there are many assumptions that come associated with girls who are 'fake'. My advice? Stop being so judgemental. That girl...her whole world is not how she looks I can assure you, and your negativity or insults just show what an ugly person you are - inside.

And we all keep saying it's what inside that counts, don't we?

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  1. OMG you're on blogger!!! I'm so following you, and Hayley I could not agree more, for starters if people didn't like to wear make up/look way better with it I would be out of a job! I think it's utterly ridiculous when (and it's always girls) slag people off for looking fake! Well I'm sorry but we all need a bit of help, in my opinion. And how on earth can it be harming anyone?? I think it's just jealousy at the end of the day and very small minded, I could go on, but goodness I've taken up your whole comments space whoops! Talk to you soon, gorgeous girly xxxx